just what your small space needs.

Seeking stylish, space-conscious bike storage? You've come to the right place. BLR Design specializes in hand crafted bike racks, which is the perfect storage solution for small spaces. And, if you have a big space... you can totally still buy one— they look stunning in every room.


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Testing our abilities to see what we can create for you gets us up in the morning.


We strive to provide consistently reliable products and service that outperform your wildest expectations.


The hardest to gain and easiest to lose. We take pride in being trustful and trusting.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do— and it's how we keep your bike safely stored.

what customers say...


This bike rack was surprisingly sturdy and super gorgeous. Very minimal and helps with space saving in a small apartment while looking like part of the decor. Loved it so much I ordered  a second one for my partner!


I love this bike rack. The look, the sturdiness, and the efficiency it brings. I highly recommend this product.


This is the perfect bike rack if you need to conserve space. Love the industrial look. Super easy to install. Feels like good quality. Perfect solution for the small space I had to work with.


This bike rack is a beast! When it arrived, I was surprised by how heavy the pipe was and I was a bit worried about stability, but  it feels so secure in the wall and stud.  It's gorgeous and makes it feel like storing my bike in the hallway is purposeful, not just my only option.