AKA, the guy who makes all this stuff. Nice to meet you!

After 16 years as an electrician  and 5 as a general contractor (11 of those years I spent in the Navy), I was itching for a change. Being a stay at home dad, I had some spare time on my hands and decided to start building wine racks, light fixtures, you name it. And then, when my wife was tired of my bike being on the dining room floor, the first concept for BLR Design was born.

Flash forward from 2015, and we've served over 2100 happy clients— helping keep their prized possession stored and safe.

hi, i'm brad.

origin story

After moving back to Hamilton, ON from time abroad in the Navy, my wife, 3 kids, and I, were all living on a single-floor home and I was keeping my bike in the dining room.  My wife, being the most tolerant and kind-hearted person I know, was clearly annoyed by it (even if she didn't say anything). So, I figured I might as well make something to fill the empty spot on the wall and simultaneously clear up some floor space. 

After about a month of trial and error, BLR Design was born, and we've been serving bike-loving, small-space dwelling humans ever since. Having served over 2100 happy customers, our options have grown from one to nine, and we are continuing to develop innovative ways to store and protect bikes. Oh, and for every product you see... there are  at least 1-2 that you don't. And, that's how we maintain our quality.

want to know more? I'm an open book.